Honest Review of the Neuton Battery Powered Mower

By Allyn Paul, filed under Environmental Info, Lawn Tips.

You guys know how passionate I am about mowing my lawn. It’s my chance to craft my grass and get some time alone. I’m probably over the top, but that’s ok. So when the folks from Neuton Battery Powered Lawn Mowers agreed to send me a demo of the latest model 6.2 to try out and review, I was excited! (For the record, this is NOT a paid review).

Those of you who are regular readers know that I am all about proper balance when it comes to caring for your lawn, and keeping an eye on environmental impact. The Neuton Mower seemed to be a perfect fit in its claims to mow thick grass properly, while reducing noise and pollution.

In fact, here is what the Neuton folks say about their product:

“We are dedicated to making the world’s most innovative and dependable battery-powered lawn and garden equipment for people who care about the maintenance of their properties and the health of our environment.  Our forward-thinking designs reduce the noise and pollution of traditional gas power equipment, making yard work more enjoyable…

…Neuton battery-powered mowers are the #1 selling battery-powered mowers on the planet. Our belief in the environmental benefits of Neuton is a strong one. We call it our Clean Air Initiative…”

Well folks, I have to be honest with you: The Neuton Mower sucks! In fact, I’ll smoke out my entire neighborhood with harmful emissions and wake up the entire town with loud roaring before I will EVER let aother one of these mowers ruin my grass ever again!

Here’s the main problem with the Neuton: SCALPING:

The cutting height, even on the highest available setting, scalps the crap out of my grass. Their owner’s manual claims the very highest setting cuts the lawn at 2.8″ tall. In my tests (see picture) it is more like 2.25″. Either way, that is entirely too low for my tall fescue. I also tried it on a section of Kentucky Bluegrass in my back yard, and same thing, scalped it and turned it yellow.

Now I understand that most authorities say that KY Bluegrass and Fescues can be cut near the 2.5″ level, but the Neuton leaves no room for real world “fudge factor” when it comes to cutting height. I always recommend setting your traditional gas-powered rotary mower on the second-to-highest setting, which usually cuts the lawn just under 3″.

My Lawn Boy mower has settings all the way up to 4″ which is nice if I happen to miss a mowing and need to bring the lawn back to normal slowly. No chance with the Neuton.

Second Problem: MULCHING:

The second problem with the Neuton is the mulching feature. The mulch plug was easy enough to install, but the blade was not able to actualy mulch the clippings. In fact, the Neuton Mower left huge clumps of grass behind that I had to rake up!

I am not sure if the lack of good mulching ability comes from RPM problems or blade issues, but I do know that the deck underneath is extremely shallow, meaning the grass does not remain in the path of the blade for very long before falling back out.

My environmentally destructive Lawn Boy mower has a deep deck and grinds the clippings to tiny bits which are recycled back into the lawn properly, meaning less fertilizer and watering is necessary. THAT is environmental.

Final Problem: CHEAP CHARGER:

The final gripe I have with the Neuton is the cheaply made charger that came with it. It came broken in pieces, which could have happend in shipping, but nonetheless, the charger is lightweight and cheap feeling. I doubt that it would last much more than a few weeks in my garage. If the charger breaks, your mower is not usable. I was able to piece it back together for this review nonetheless.

Things I Did Like About The Neuton

Just to be fair, there were some things I did like about this mower.

First off, it is easy to start and push. It moves through the grass very well for a push mower. I found the battery power to be adequate, but I did not mow my entire lawn with it due to the reasons mentioned above.

Honestly, I am pretty upset about this mower. Can’t anyone out there come up with something that is good for the environment without asking me to sacrifice on quality? Think about Birkenstock shoes: they are made of renewable resourced materials, but they are the most comfortable damn shoes you can get! That’s environmental baby! The Neuton mower: not so much… and I really wanted this mower to work well, but sadly, it did not live up to the quality I expect.

Final Note: If you have a thick lawn that is KY Bluegrass or Tall Fescue, the Neuton Mower IS NOT for you. But if you have a thin lawn that you really don’t care much about but you still want to be good to the environment and reduce emissions and noise pollution, go ahead and spend your $449 and have a ball.

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  1. George Kaplan Says:
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    My Neuton 6.2 is great and cuts the grass beautiful. I have it set on a lower cutting height then I used with my old gas mower. The charger is lite weight and works just fine. It Is easy to push through wet and dry grass. I don’t know why this guy said the mulcher was a problem because I have had none.

  2. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Hi George and thanks for stopping by. I am glad you are happy with your Neuton.
    As far as my experience, all one needs to do is look at the pics to see the horrible results I got.

  3. Neuton CE 6.2 Battery-Powered Mower | Electric Garden Tools Says:
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    [...] Honest Review of the Neuton Battery Powered Mower | Life and Lawns [...]

  4. Richard Says:
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    This review isn’t fair. I’ve got a neuton 6.2 which I’ve had for about a year and ahalf and I love it. I needed a mower and was very skeptical, but my 11 yr old son talked me into being “green” and giving this thing a chance. It took alot of convincing, I was looking at a honda and this thing looked like a cheap kids toy. The dealer said I could take it back after a couple weeks if I didn’t like it. Since my son was going to be using it too, I gave it a chance on my 1/3 acre yard and wow, I was impressed. It won me over. I’ve been very happy with it. It’s a good quality mower. No, it’s not as powerful as a gas mower and it’s a very basic in design and it has sometimes run out of charge when I’ve poked around the yard mowing, but it’s a good alternative to a gas mower for a small residential yard. All you have to do is plug the thing in overnight. I’ve not measured the length of the grass, but I’ve used the one inch and the three inch settings and neither have scalped the yard and I have a thick bluegrass sod yard. The available ajustments on my mower are good. The mower is very easy to use. This thing is very economical. Improvements in future models are sure to come, but give them a break, this thing has a place, I like it.

  5. Allyn Paul Says:
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    I am glad you like your Neuton mower. I am all about being “green” but if you look at the pics, you will see that this thing just didn’t work for me.

  6. Mark Says:
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    Well I have had the original Red style Country Way for over ten years. We use it for our small areas and a trim mower. It has always performed tremendously. We do live in the Northeast so the grass could be better suited but this little baby has mulched, collected and discharged flawlessly. I just gave the old one to my daughter along with a new battery for her small house in Massachusetts and would expect it to go another ten years.

    So I just got the new 19 inch with extra battery, trimmer edger attachment and it works sooo greaat on our grass. So, maybe not your cup of tea but for most of us with the right grass it is just the ticket!

    I do not work for DR Power but just got back from the factory today and was treated like a King. They even took two of the old batteries that weren’t working and found each one has a good cell in them and combined them to make one good battery, saving me quite a bit of money.

    For the right grass and size of area, this mower is the bees knees at the right price.

    Do not be afraid of this product and I believe their return policy is more than generous, just in case you do have a weird lawn.

    Mow the Grow!

  7. Lew Says:
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    I am with Al on this one. This is my second Neuton mower. I had the smaller 14″ mower, which I gave to my Aunt and Uncle. With the smaller Neuton I could adjust the height to 3 inches and higher – which is recommended for many types of lawn grasses. I know this because I have a degree in Ornamental Horticulture. If you don’t believe me do a little research. Most all grasses are tolerant of many kinds of culture, including being cut short.
    My lawn is thick and lush like Al’s and I like to cut it high. I have been so frustrated with the low cutting height that I removed the adjuster and permanently fixed the cutting height at a 3 inches.
    If your lawn is used to being cut short and you like it that way – that is your choice – this mower will work for you. But if you like to cut it higher then I would not recommend this mower.

  8. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Hi Lew and thanks for stopping by. I agree that the Neuton mower’s biggest flaw is the cutting height.
    I also agree that you can “train” your lawn to take a shorter cut, but as you know, with homeowners being so busy and not able to “bob and weave” with weather conditions, it is much safer to have them cut at 3″ which the Neuton just won’t do. Plus, I think the lawn looks much more lush at a longer blade length.

  9. Dave Says:
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    I’m with Allyn. I have a 6.2 and it scalps my St. Augustine grass at the highest setting. I also agree that the mulching plug is useless. My grass balls up just like the photos he has pictured here.

    The mower finally “died” halfway through its first season and I can’t get customer service to respond. In the meantime I have borrowed my neighbors Black & Decker and have found it to be a much better mower.

  10. Lew Says:
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    Hi Dave, I know about St. Augustine grass since I studied ornamental horticulture in Florida. Now I live in the Northeast and wonder how anyone with a St. Augustine lawn could ever use a Neuton 6.2. Before I bought my Neuton I almost bought a Black & Decker cordless but did not, since it did not have a swappable battery like the Neuton. My lawn is big so I go through two batteries to finish. So now I have removed the adjuster on my Neuton and have permanently set the mower to 3.5″. I would not recommend it though unless you are very handy. It took some doing.

  11. Rob Says:
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    Lew, I just got my 6.2 and am so upset about the mowing hieght. I am in the process of permanently raising my hieght to above 3 inches. I am handy..how did you do it?

  12. DAVID Says:
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    I have finished my second season with my Neuton 6.2. I am happy it has a great warranty.
    So far, I am on my third circuit board which the company has replaced without charge. They sent me a replacement battery when the battery would not hold a charge. They sent me a replacement handle when the original handle broke in the plastic housing at the top.Also, I have a Neuton 5.2, first year. It stopped working. I was told to take it to a local repair shop. Neuton ended up replacing the motor at no charge to me.

  13. rick Says:
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    hey allyn, i guess some things should be left alone (good ole gas mowers) anyway love the website and the videos, i aways look forword to the latest on life and lawns, doesn’t matter what your talking about it’s always very interesting..tomorrow i’m going out in the yard to work cause it’s always a good day for lawn care. rick crystal lake ill

  14. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Yeah, I love my gas mower too… plenty of power and options!
    Glad you are still hanging around Rick! I think right now is a great time for lawn care too! :)

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