Summer Dollar Spot Fungus in Lawns

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

I previously wrote about Red Thread disease that occurs in late spring turf when conditions are hot and humid. Following are more lawn tips relating to fungal problems in lawns in the Midwest and how to identify and treat them.

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

This one is very often confused with Red Thread as the early symptoms are very similar in appearance. The difference is that Dollar Spot lawn disease occurs in summer, around July, and Red Thread shows up in later May and June.
Another difference is that Dollar Spot patches are brownish and not pink like Red Thread. In addition, severe dollar spots will join together, forming large brown areas in the turf.
If you’re adamant about identifying your particular problem as dollar spot, look for hourglass legions on the leaf blades. If they are there, you know it’s Dollar Spot.

severe dollar spot diseaseControlling Dollar Spot in Lawns

Just like Red Thread, this one is normally not a serious concern for long. It appears with 80 degree + temps and humidity, and slows down when the air dries out.
A good dose of nitrogen will help the lawn grow through the condition as well; however, I never recommend quick-release synthetic nitrogen for this. I like Milorganite Organic Lawn fertilizer because it won’t cause the lawn to stress with over-growth.
If you truly are concerned, granular fungicides available will do a fair job in “preventing” dollar spot but they must be applied prior to the problem becoming visible.
As always, you should mow properly and catch your clippings during fungal breakouts and never water at night. Here is an article on how to water your lawn the right way.


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5 Responses to “Summer Dollar Spot Fungus in Lawns”

  1. Allison Says:
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    Wow. Thanks for the tips on that. I never knew what caused it.

  2. Ron DiGiuseppe Says:
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    I have dollar spot fungus. Living in an over 55 community in central New Jersey, what can I do to control this problem? Will this spread and make my entire lawn brown? Can a Home Depot product cure or control this fungus? Since our irrigation system cannot shut down on an individual basis,watering by night will continue. It seems that this problem occured overnight.

  3. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Hey Ron,
    Yes, granular fungicides at Home Depot will work, but as mentioned above, prevention is the key and not cure.
    If you continue to water at night, the problem will continue.
    Looks like you might need to get on the board over there at the “Del Boca Vista” community and get that watering schedule changed!

  4. Karen Lee Says:
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    I’m having problems with fairy ring, and ran across this in my research. Hopefully it will be useful for anyone battling the “fungus among us.”

  5. Lawn Treatment Information for DIYers | Life and Lawns Says:
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    [...] Lawn Disease Dollar Spot [...]

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