Don’t Throw Those Old Flower Pots Out, Fix Them Up!

By Allyn Paul, filed under Landscape Tips.

We had some old clay flower pots out on our deck that just didn’t make it through the winter. For some reason, I was dumb and left them out, uncovered, and the water in the soil froze, expanded, and cracked them! But I paid $40 each for them and just didn’t want to see them to to waste, so I revitalized them with some fresh paint (the orange color didn’t work with my clay-colored siding) and a creative placement in my landscape.

 ole slower pots, let's salvage these!

One of the pots doesn’t even have a bottom to it, but I used that one too by burrying it into the ground, making it look like it’s been in the landscape for years.

this pot will be buried into the ground

The following tips for fixing up a garden flower pot are really nothing new, but I figured some of you could benefit from the pics and maybe get some good ideas for your own landscape.

The big thing to remember is that you can’t screw up painting! If you don’t like what you get, just paint over it; afterall, it’s just a flowerpot, and not the Cysteine Chapel!

Once the pots are cleaned, painted, painted again and dry, you can pick out some nice annuals to place in them. I will be posting later about how and what to put in the pots to ensure you get maximum punch.

Also, be sure that while you are waiting for the paint on the pots to dry, that you don’t waste any precious time. A great way to watch paint dry is by having a cold beverage with your favorite neighbor, especially when he buys! :)



 clean build up off so paint will stick

 use exterior paint

 water down the paint a little to make it more opaque and chalky when it dries

blot, dab, pounce, whatever, just have fun!

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beverage break while pain dries, very important step!!!

dry brush with just a little paint

black spray paint adds an element of depth

fisnished with painting

all finished and planted!

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