Advanced Technique for Striping Your Lawn With Your Lawn Mower

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Big Fat Lawn stripes baby!

In the first article about Striping Your Lawn Like a Golf Course Fairway, I gave you some simple tips on how to get nice stripes in the lawn using your own home lawnmower with no modifications. In this article, however, I will show you how to spend $10 on an easy modification that will give you wider and cleaner, more defined lawn stripes.
The key is found in the debris flap that all home rotary lawn mowers come with. It’s a safety feature, and your key to well-defined stripes. The flap alone is not heavy enough to push down the grass, so let’s help it out a little eh?

the flap

(CAUTION: if you modify your mower this way, be mindful that you are voiding your warranty and also creating somewhat of a safety hazard. If you add this modification, YOU CANNOT BACK UP your mower while in operation or the piping could get caught under the deck in the blade. I recommend using this technique in areas where you can mow straight, easy lines; like the front yard that everyone sees; and then remove it while mowing the rest of your lawn)

Adding Weight to the Debris Flap to Create Lawn Stripes

The materials needed are an 18″ x 3/4″ piece of galvanized, threaded pipe and 2 ends, 3 cable ties and some sand or small rocks. (total cost of materials, $10 at Tony Stewart’s favorite Big Box Home Store)

materials for lawn striper homemade

First, locate the flap behind your mower. They all are a little different but similar enough that a smart reader like you can figure out how this will work in your own case.

fill up with rocks to create more weight

Second, fill up your pipe with pea gravel or rocks or sand and cap the other end. Next, place the heavy pipe in the flap, drill 3 holes, thread in the ties, cut them off, and BAM, you’re ready to stripe!

cable ties hold the pipe secure

It’s the weight of the pipe on the flap that creates the stripes.

you are ready to go, just keep it straight and DON'T BACK UP

nice, fat, defined stripes baby! Love that Lawn

In addition to this modification, to ensure you get fat, defined stripes, you should mow double-wide lines. In other words, you normally mow your lawn “up and down” for example. In this case, to get fatter lines, you want to mow “up up and down down.” This gives you twice the width on each pass. I know you are smart and will figure out the most efficient way to move around the lawn without ruining your stripes!

Lawn Not Thick Enough to get stripes? Get some Milorganite and fertilize your lawn regularly using these tips. Lawn Tips provided by Life and Lawns, tell your friends! You can also read how to “Mow Your Lawn the Right Way.”

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  4. Chad Says:
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    nice Al. I’m all over that!

  5. Karen Lee Says:
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    Is there any way to mow any patterns but stripes? does anyone do this? I find the entire concept of mowing patterns into lawns intriguing.

  6. Jim Wetzel Says:
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    Cross-hatching has always intrigued me. I think you have to follow the instructions for striping first, then cut the lawn again at a 90° angle to the first cut using the weight skirt as well. Make sure you have a close-to-90° angle on the first pass of the 2nd cut then move over two lawn mower widths to make the return cuts. I am going to try this tomorrow and take pictures if it turns out well.

  7. Acura1990 Says:
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    I cut my grass in horse shoe shapes, square shapes and different designs. The trick is to turn and reverse the direction and overlap on your lines.

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