A Quick Note to My Fellow Blogger Friends

By Allyn Paul, filed under Uncategorized.

I read blogs on a regular basis. I subscribe to 12 blogs via Google reader and another 15 or so by email. early spring sunrise Northwest Indiana

Most of these I visit daily and also leave comments and participate in the discussion. However, now that Spring is here, I will have very little free time to read other blogs for my own personal enrichment. With that in mind, I’d like to let my blogger friends know that I have not abandoned your blog, but I just have no time right now.

I have written about 12 posts for this blog that are time-stamped to appear over time, as well as I take time on Sundays to answer reader comments and questions and come up with new material for the DIYers. (Do It Your Selfers)

One of the most interesting things about lawn care is that your entire year’s revenue is pretty much decided by what you do in a short, 10-week window.

Thanks for your understanding!


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  1. Tommy Says:
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    No prob Al that’s perfectly understandable. Yesterday was our best day here in the Pacific Northwest in a long time. Bright sun and 60 or so. I planted our potatoes though I had sworn that I wasn’t going to have a garden this year owing to the awful little sub climate we live in as well as time constraints….but alas…I’ve been planting spuds for as long as I can remember and although my father probably rolled over in his grave since I didn’t put them in on Good Friday, I did get them in on “So So Saturday.”

  2. Hadias Says:
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    I certainly understand what you mean. I was composing a similar post this morning letting my readers know that I will be a bit scarce in the blog community for the next couple of months. When the weather warms up I must head outdoors.

    It looks like you are very knowledgable about lawns. I will certainly be a regular reader.

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