Grub Worms in Your Lawn this Spring are NOT a Concern

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

grub wormJack from Chicago asks: “Should I be concerned with grub worms this Spring if my neighbor had them in his lawn last Fall?”

In the same vein, Brian from LouisvilleĀ asks: “I found grub worms in my lawn while digging around recently, are they a concern?”

That’s a very good question and one that can be easily answered by saying, “no.”
Here’s why…

Grub worms are the larvae of the Japanese beetle or June Bug. These beetles are actively flying around in early summer…, eating trees and shrubs, warming themselves on your porch lights, and getting caught in my pool skimmer. In July and August they begin laying eggs in well-watered lawns. These eggs develop into larvae called grub worms.

Grubs feed on the roots of the grass plant, causing dead patches that begin to show up in early Fall.
Just before winter, they go deep into the soil and hibernate until June, when they emerge and the process starts all over. With this in mind, some grubs will grab a quick snack in April and May just before they take off, but usually this is not going to be enough to cause any noticeable damage to your turf.

Long story short: Your neighbor’s grubs are in his lawn to stay until June, and even if you had some of your ownjapanese beetle last year, any early feeding they do this year will not cause noticeable damage.
We wouldn’t want you spreading pesticides in your lawn when they are not needed… just keep your lawn properly fertilized and mowed, and you’ll be all good.
I would recommend this summer you put down a grub worm preventative product such as Scott’s Grub X. Japanese beetle populations have been extremely high in the Midwest in the last couple years… but not until the summer!

Final Note:for those of you who don’t believe what I wrote above and still want to know what to put down this spring for insects, your best bet is poduct containing Dylox.


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    Interesting. I know I’ve got em because every year we do some lawn pullup and there they are underneath. I’m actually interested in hearing what you would recommend for voles and/or moles. There are colonies around our place….and I’d be surprised if you gave me a suggestion I haven’t tried!!

    But I’m willin’ to see…LOL


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