Hammocks, Another Good Idea for Spring

By Allyn Paul, filed under Life & Lawns.

Stop thinking about working on your lawn for just one minute. (only one minute) And think about enjoying it!

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It occured to me yesterday that I spend entirely too much time pushing you folks to work on your grass, and I never really talk about enjoying it! But I must confess, I do spend several minutes each weekend enjoying my lawn and landscape in between projects.

One way I am able to get some enjoyment from my hard work is by relaxing in a hammock next to my pool. In the past, I’ve gone to the local Walmart and picked one up for about $100. Usually, by the end of the season, it’s trashed and I throw it away. But I just recently found an online source that offers a much better selection and they have hammocks for $99 and under look: Rope Hammocks Under $50 At Hammocks.com (they also have expensive ones too).

In addition, they have what they refer to as poolside hammocks that look mighty comfy and would accomodate my Corona and lime as well. Pool Side Hammocks Available At Hammocks.com!

If you live in a newer subdivisoin like me, then there are no available trees to stretch the hammock between, so they offer stands and accessories to help with that.

Long story short, there’s nothing like sitting in a nice comfy hammock next to your beautiful green lawn. I’d go ahead and order now while prices are still low. I always tell folks that lawn mowers are cheaper at the end of the summer because the demand is low. Same with hammocks. The demand is low right now, so the prices are down … these guys are cheaper than Walmart and have a much better selection.  50% Off At Hammocks.com Super Sale


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  1. BigPappa Says:
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    Ohhhh man I love my hammock. I commonly fall asleep in it when my grass is too long.

  2. Allyn Paul Says:
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  3. bloggernoob Says:
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    the girl in the hammock ad is cute!

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