Welcome Back Julio Medina!

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Julio Before BasicMy good friend Julio is now out of Air Force Basic Training. It has been 8 long weeks and he’s made it. I have not spoken with him yet, but I am sure he is going through a little de-programing right now (In other words, he’s learning that he doesn’t have to call the kid at the McDonald’s counter “sir”)

Josh has posted a few pictures over at Julio’s blog. I have also posted a couple here. The reader will observe the nice, easy-going smile on Julio’s face at his going away party, and then compare that to the serious, “no BS” look on his face in the uniformed picture. It looks as if he is trying to smile, but maybe his Training Instructor will yell at him if he shows emotion!

Julio After BasicIt’s funny how you adjust to real life again after 8 weeks of basic training. You try to keep your military bearings intact, but you also want to get out and let loose a little. I’m sure my man¬†Julio will keep everything in proper perspective. This is especialy critical for Julio because he is going to be a military police officer. I’m sure he will fit into that role very nicely.

Welcome back Bro! We’ve missed you. …Now go update that blog of yours … I’m sure you have plenty of good stories to tell. ¬†–AL

5 Responses to “Welcome Back Julio Medina!”

  1. Bryan Says:
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    We need to hear those stories soon.

  2. Steve Says:
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    A quick question, is Julio a NW Indiana resident now that’s he’s returned? I guess I wonder if he should be added to our list or not?

  3. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Julio is originally from NY. We know him from college in Crown Point, but currently, he calls home Illinois.
    IOW–he’s a man without a country! LOL

  4. CARLOS Says:
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    In the aforementioned photo of Julio he also looks to be saying, “I sure wish these sleeves were a little shorter and I hope my entire career in the Air Force isn’t defined by me taking pictures and writing short, non-esential tidbits for the base newspaper like some others who walked before me”.

  5. Allyn Paul Says:
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    You crack me up.
    BTW–Essential as 2 “s” .. I learned that in the newspaper. LOL

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