Paige Davis to return to Trading Spaces– Good Move

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Life News.

Trading Spaces is one of TLC’s original bread and butter home improvement shows, but has gone considerably down hill in the past few years.

From “Reality Blurred dot com”–TLC is revamping Trading Spaces again by bringing back fired host Paige Davis and bringing in new producers. The show’s old designers will return, too, including Doug Wilson, Hildi Santo-Thomas, Laurie Hickson-Smith, and Frank Bielec. The new show may debut …


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3 Responses to “Paige Davis to return to Trading Spaces– Good Move”

  1. Josh and Sarah Cox Says:
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    That is a good move. My wife and I used to watch all the Trading Spaces episodes with her and the good designers (Vern Yip is my favorite.) I am glad they are reverting back to the successful days. Vern now has his own show called Deserving Design or something like that.

  2. Chris Settlemoir Says:
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    I’m just glad she is back cause she is hot!

  3. Julio Medina Says:
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    I had a crush on paige for like 2 seasons LOL

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