What will I write about during Winter?

By Allyn Paul, filed under Life & Lawns.

I got an email today from a fan of this blog (no lie, really, a real life fan!) and he wanted to know just what topics I’ll explore now that the lawn season is pretty much over here in the Chicago area.
“Have no fear,” I replied. “Allyn Paul is full of ideas and opinions and bitches and whines.”
I plan to still include some Life and Lawn type articles, but I will sprinkle in some more ranting, raving, lame attempts at humor and the occasional post about making money blogging.(hey, buy something here please…) More importantly, I will share with you my knowledge on home improvement. This winter, I am tasked with finishing “Man Land,” a.k.a. the basement bathroom. I want to take you step by step through that process.
Oh, and I almost forgot, I need to teach these young kids who are new to home ownership (you know who you are over there on the right in the “blog friends” links) how to put up Christmas lights the righ
t way. One of my pet peeves are Christmas lights that are hung all crooked and crappy! Sheesh! Oh, and please don’t put up the multi-colored C6 lights (the fat ones) that were popular in 1982! Stick to a nice, clean, clear light that looks fresh and…well, you’ll have to wait for the post and pics on this one…
Last thing: please pray for me as I am feeling a little empty nest syndrome since I tucked my lawn mower in to hibernation for the long winter to come. See the pics, and send your comforting thoughts my way please

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12 Responses to “What will I write about during Winter?”

  1. Patti Says:
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    Gee….I thought Steve was the only one who had a special “relationship” with his mower…..

  2. Matt Mitchell Says:
    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1

    I can sympathize with you, although for my part I’m not quite so desparing about the advent of winter. See, my yard is six acres. I do have a small lawn of Bermuda, but mostly it’s just regular Alabama grass. I wore out a set of blades on my John Deere lawn tractor this year cutting my yard (when it’s this big, in the south, it’s called a yard. The small cultivated patch in front of the house where the kids play is the lawn :-)

    Anyway, I’m glad for the break from cutting grass (next season I’m thinking of getting a bush hog to save time on the big open space up behind the house. Stay warm up there in Chicago.

  3. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Hey Matt, thanks for stopping by. I am from Florida originally and know all about the yard vs lawn thing.
    I only have about 10,000 sq ft of grass, but 6 acres sound like a lot of fun! LOL
    Bush hog would be great for your size property, but have your considered a commercial zero turn mid-mount mower? Maybe like a SCAG or Gravely? They’ll run you about $8,000 but will last for years. Good luck!

    Patty–If Steve loves his mower that much then I have just gained triple respect for him! Whatta guy! LOL

  4. Matt Mitchell Says:
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    Yes, the zero-turn would be great, but in the process of getting the bushhog I’m also angling for a 4-wheeler :-) The bushhog I have my eye on is gas-powered and you tow it behind a 4-wheeler. So, I’m basically justifying to my wife the purchase of a big toy for myself.

  5. Allyn Paul Says:
    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1

    Now THAT is smart thinking!…a toy that accomplishes some work too…Mamma can’t say “no” to that one! If you lived up here, you’d hafta get the snow plow attachment to go with it.

  6. Matt Mitchell Says:
    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1

    Thank God I don’t have to worry about snow… although, you know a snow plow would be nice. Can I push leaves with it? Heh heh…

  7. Chad Says:
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    I will truly miss my mower as well, but I’m looking forward to taking out the snow blower. I’d clean the whole street if my wife wouldn’t tell me to stop. It’s fun to blow snow!

  8. Josh and Sarah Cox Says:
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    Al, I look forward to your winterized posts. BTW, I don’t put up Christmas lights….at least not yet. I just have a tree. If we are moving, I probably won’t even get that up this year! I’m such an awful person. I feel like a holiday failure. LOL!

  9. 4loveofacuppa Says:
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    You have a groupie! YAY;)

    Allyn you’re so cool haha

    And also, your relationship with your mower is very touching… (wiping tears from my eyes)

  10. Susanne in Key West Says:
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    I like your blog!

    Thank you for your kind compliment to my photo on my blog. Yep…that could be almost a Corona advertising, if the guy wouldn’t have hidden away his Corona beer bottle into his bag. :-)

    It’s nice that I have found an other Key West fan in you! Come by often to visit my blog. My posts are all about Key West.

  11. Bonds756 Says:
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    I dont have a green thumb in my body, Al. The only grass I care about is…..well nevermind. I just love to read your blogs and enjoy good writing so your blogs always keep me entertained!!

  12. Brotherhood of the Snow Blower | Life and Lawns Says:
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    [...] blowers, some of you may remember the heartache I was feeling at he end of summer when I had to put my lawn mower to bed for winter, but I must confess, my snow blower does make a nice substitute from [...]

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