You can’t keep a good Stella down, How to Prune Stella Daylillies

By Allyn Paul, filed under Landscape Tips, Life & Lawns.

When Spring turns to hot summer, chances are your landscape lacks flower power. Bright purple, pink and yellow spring¬†blooms have given way to a canvas over-wrought with green, green and only green. — Especially if your landscape is “Daylilly heavy” like mine, you may be left wishing you’d planted something that offered more punch during the hotter months. But you can dead-head stella daylillies.

Not to fear my friends, your Stella’s (Stella-de-oro daylillies) can keep pushing blooms all the way until first frost!
That’s right, with a little trimming and cutting back, Stella will continue to push out flowers.

Here are what most daylillies look like¬†when not cared for properly (from a neighbor’s yard):

These Stellas were in full glory just a few weeks ago, but now look anemic and sickly, with spent stalks drying up in the wind, and worst of all: NO MORE FLOWERS!

Here’s a closeup of a spent stalk. Notice the seed pod left on top. Many folks think this is a flower ready to bud, but it is not. Flower buds on Stellas are long and “torpedo” shaped. The seed pods are stubby and wrinkly…, and in most cases, the seeds are sterile anyway.

Not to worry! …

…you can stimulate Stella to send up more blooms by cutting off her “spent” stalks.

You should cut the spent stalks off as low as you can get your pruners. Be sure to make a clean cut. It is also mandatory to cut them off immediately while they are still green. This “tells” the plant that is has lost something viable and it must replace it by sending up more…more flowers!

If you wait until the stalks dry up on their own, then they are worthless anyway and the plant sees no benefit in replacing what was already dead. Make sense?

At right, I can count at least 10 new blooms shooting up just 5 days after cutting off the spent, green stalks. What’s more?…that’s 10 blooms on a single stalk! Wow! Most stalks produce between 3 and 5 blooms, but the cutting has really “pissed Stella off” man!!!! Ha!

Now that’s resilience!
Don’t you just love ‘ole Stella?!

Just remember, you need to stay on top of this “dead heading” and Stella will bloom and bloom again all year long!


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  1. javagirl1111 Says:
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    OMG… is the THE Allen that me and Sabrina used to ride the bus just to listen sing Annanias and Saphira… lol

    Anyways, hope you’re doin great if this is you… saw the link off of Josh Cox’s blog.

    Kina Fink

  2. All About Stella De Oro DayLily | Life and Lawns Says:
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    [...] Care for Stella de Oro Daylily: Her individual flowers survive just 1 day, but Stella de Oro daylily will re-bloom. She will put out more profusely if the spent flowers are deadheaded: remove stem and all (Here’s a complete article with pictures involving Stella pruning and deadheading). [...]

  3. Life and Lawns » What I’m Doing Around the Landscape Early June Says:
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    [...] It is also important to dead-head your late spring tulips and daffodils as you want the leaves to recharge their bulb and roots for next year. If you remove the spent flower stalk, the energy will be used in other ways, and not to sustain a flower that’s no longer there. (this is the same principle behind pruning stella daylillies in the summer) [...]

  4. BETTY Says:
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  5. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Depends where you live I guess.
    See this post and you can see what my Stellas look like in early early spring.

  6. Heather Says:
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    Ok, But what do you do after first frost? Do you cut the foliage down or leave it until spring/

  7. Allyn Paul Says:
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    hi heather,
    either way is fine, whatever is easiest for you. I cut mine in late fall because I have other stuff that keeps me busy in the spring.

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