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Here’s a view of my lawn and landscape. Just look at that beautiful striping in the turf!
We had this home built 3 years ago. I constructed the entire hardscape and plantings myself. I also started the lawn from scratch. It is 100% seeded using turf-type tall fescue.
(click on the photos for larger, more detailed views)

I am also very fond of daylillies. Mine are mostly stella-de-oro.
Notice the specimen river-birch. This tree was purchased at Home Depot 3 years ago for $9.99. At that time, it was small: about 3 feet tall. Now, with proper care and pruning, it is nearly 15 feet tall and has a beautiful bronze trunk.

Each plant in this landscape, with the only exception being the topiary rose of sharon, was purchased for less than $10 at my local Home Depot. I like buying smaller plants; mainly because they are cheaper, but also because I get to dictate their growth rate and habits, as well as take a little pride in their raising. (yep, I’m and green geek!

One last thing: Notice the flowers on those hostas! I think that is one of the coolest things about them!


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  1. Anita Whitelaw Says:
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    Hi Allyn,

    I love your website. I’ve just added it to my favourites. In England now we are having trouble with red thread disease so i just found your site whilst looking for pictures of red thread.

    Anyway, I’m gonna buy your book next week as i love your informal chat. Had me laughing out loud reading about bag worms, something we don’t have here (not that i know of anyway)

    Kind Regards

  2. Allyn Paul Says:
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    thanks for stopping by the blog. I love to chat with readers so contact me if you every need anything.

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